We will soon announce when we’ll be collecting submissions for the 2019 issue. Stay tuned!

Chrysalis welcomes a wide range of critical, creative, and reflective writings, audio recordings, videos, and other word-focused arts, from scholarly studies of how writing can build community, videos of social change spoken word performances, to reflections on facilitating writing for various populations.

Transformative Language Arts practitioners include, but are not limited to, singer/songwriters, novelists and poets, spoken word artists, workshop facilitators, educators, actors, graffiti artists, bloggers, community organizers, teachers, therapists, coaches, activists, nurses, and all who believe in, or are even slightly curious about, the power of the word to make fundamental, lasting transformation.

Here is your opportunity to build and expand that community by breaking the silences within with the beauty of your words, and by honoring each person around you with the power of your words so that together (whether as reader or writer or both) we become the change we all seek in the world.

We invite you to submit material that challenges, inspires, educates, and guides us to grow the community of Transformative Language Artists:

  • Creative writing, audio and video products (poems, short stories, essays, etc.) accompanied by a short reflective paper regarding the process of writing the piece and its relevance to the transformation of the author and/or the author’s community.
  • Narrative accounts of TLA projects in action in communities, or experiences practicing TLA alone and with others.
  • Critical writing related to the power of words, including qualitative and/or quantitative studies, and other related investigations of TLA scholarship.